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“See, when I paint, it is an experience that, at its best, is transcending reality.”
-- Keith Haring

Arizona is a self taught artist who has worked in a broad range of disciplines over the years including; metal/fabrication, sculpture, painting, illustration, textiles and animation. Her main practice is currently painting, tarot and rug-making.


She is interested in using art as a means of connection, exploring spiritual, spatial and emotional relationships through visual mediums. Her largest painting series entitled ' Gods in the Living Room' focusses on the relationship to the divine in the every day, using pattern, space and depictions of animals and goddesses to evoke the subconscious. The rugs have a similarly surreal feel, using bold colours to navigate the sub-conscious and mythic. 

Arizona has worked  on a number of engagement projects with the public, children and young people as well as marginalised communities using storytelling, journalism, and visual arts to empower - helping to grow creativity and confidence.

Arizona is the co founder of The Lurner Prize and The New Earth Art School and continues to create projects and offer work which empowers and supports others creativity. 

Arizona has recently created a hand painted 78 card Purple Diamond Tarot deck which is now in print. She also offers a unique range of tarot readings and reiki including illustrated reiki and tarot. 

'I wish to say that Smith’s work is necessary, just as the female body is necessary. Transcendent, mediumistic art is the future. Work that listens and responds and does not look away. Work that seeks to touch and perhaps even heal the unnameable, ineffable wound that is life.' - Crystal Gandrud

To work with Arizona, see more via her instagram @arizonathecat or get in touch using the email below.


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