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The Purple Diamond deck

78 card hand painted tarot deck and 168 colour guidebook. This is a project really close to my heart, and my hope is that this deck brings you wild magic and soul connection both to the archetypes of the tarot and more importantly to your inner wild intuition. You can follow the decks progress and get free collective readings and tarot content on Instagram @purplediamondtarot. See my tarot website for info on readings and energy healing .  Email using the button below to buy the deck.


To book a reading please see my dedicated site:  

For collaborations or enquiries please get in touch!

oh my god, I can't tell you enough how beautiful my tarot reading was, so so perfect and just exactly what I hoped the format and direction would be, and the illustration feels so perfect and beautiful. feels so personal, so real and so right - really can't thank you enough, it's meant so much to me !!!

Eternal Reflections now out in all major book shops!

Hardback full colour oracle book containing the PD deck along with affirmations for each card to help you go deeper into their medicine.  A work of art and a tool to divine with - perfect for beginners as well as seasoned tarot practitioners. you will find the meanings and spirit of the cards shrouded in compassion, whimsy and the fantastical.

Available now from all major bookshops. For the full list please visit .

"Calling all witches, alchemists, wild hearts, feelers, empaths, and those drawn to the strange mysteries of life. May she who comes to meet herself know… ETERNAL REFLECTIONS mirrors the archetypal journey of feminine awakening in beautiful channelled imagery and sacred text. Symbols, pictures, and metaphors are the languages of the soul. This book will be your guide back home to those truest parts of yourself. The parts that also exist outside of time and space and live in the realm of myth." ~ Ayesha Ophelia

"This offering by Arizona Smith will have you inspired to connect more with your own creative spirit" ~ Deborah Hanekamp aka Mama Medicine

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