About Me

‘When personality serves the soul, that is authentic empowerment’

Arizona is a self taught artist who has been practising her whole life, she has worked with metal/fabrication, sculpture, painting, fine art, illustration and animation. She is interested in using art as a means of connection, understanding and interpretation of dreams, archetypes, emotion and reality.

Arizona has worked with marginalised communities using storytelling, journalism, social media, animation and the arts to platform stories from the margins, empower people and help to grow creativity and confidence.

Over the strange year of 2020 Arizona took a dive into her own practices and has become further connected to her lifelong intuitive talents. As a child Arizona often saw colours, shapes and patterns around people- after years of dismissing this she is now ready weave this understanding into her offerings for the world. She has most recently created a hand painted tarot deck and offers a variety of reading types.

Arizona uses visual art to serve the true essence of the individual, group or organisation. She understands that fostering true empowerment and understanding is what creates growth. She is the co founder of The Lurner Prize  and The New Earth Art School and continues to create projects and offer work which empowers and supports others creativity.

Arizona has a foundation in transpersonal psychotherapy and holds an English and Creative Writing degree with first class honours as well as often attending courses and studying topics around psychotherapy, healing and relationships to nature.

To work with Arizona, see more via her instagram arizonathecat or get in touch using the email below.


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