Below are paintings I am offering as a limited run of roughly a4 and a2 sized high quality giclèe prints. All prints are signed on the back and are £50-£150 based on size. To buy a print or an original contact me on Instagram @arizonathecat or .

Who Takes Care Of You, Maybe Its Your Ancestors Voice- Bast and the Lion

Original and Prints available

Shatter Your Illusions now

Original and prints available 


Original prints available


Original sold prints available

Flame on

Original and prints available

Basketball Livingroom

Original and prints available

Cristian and The Sacred Egg

Prints available

She Is Nearing The End Of Her Quest

Original and prints available

Heart Strings

original and prints available

Sarasvati And The Swan

original sold, prints available ( prints without hands and frame )

Spiriting Through The Gallery

Original and prints available

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